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Unique Well-being and Coaching Retreats

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Feeling like you need a break from your overwhelmingly busy life?
Declutter your Mind, Relax, Heal and Reconnect with your Self.

Treat yourself to one of our Mindfulness and Coaching Retreat in our carefully selected luxury 4* hotels the luscious british countryside less than 90 min from London for a long-lasting personal shift.


Each retreat focuses on a specific topic and is tailored-made around the small group of participants personal development goals and well-being needs to ensure you get the most of your stay.

Life gets very busy so we offer a conveniently short or longer week-end options.


A BESPOKE Therapeutic retreat for those who have experienced Emotional, Coercive or/and Narcissistic Abuse in a recent or past relationship.

Narcissistic/Emotional Abuse Healing requires self-compassion, support, self-awareness, and wisdom of knowledge about narcissism.

Start or resume your journey as a Survivor and break the trauma bond to reclaim your freedom from the abuser's 'emotional hook'.

Become a more Resilient, Confident, and Stronger version of your Self, make peace with your past, and attract Healthier relationships.


Safely understand the causes and triggers of your Emotional Eating compassionately.

Learn healthier coping strategies and emotional responses tailored to you.

Create a healthier relationship with food and shut down your Inner Critical voice. 

Reconnect with your authentic self and improve your Emotional Resilience.


Stress is part of life and we are all subject to different triggers and pressures.

Recognise, understand and manage your personal triggers and responses in a healthy and effective manner.

Learn how to quiet down your Inner Critical voice and calm your mind improving your Self-confidence. 


Internal struggles or stress are exacerbated by ADHD traits and holding you back and/or affecting their daily life and relationships.

Join our small like-minded group of women and safely learn how to tame your ADHD brain, quiet your internal critic, enjoy the power of having an ADHD brain!


Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops


My Day workshops focus on specific topics empowering you to understand, overcome and/or manage what is holding you back as an individual or as a parent.

Notebook and Pen


My Bespoke workshops focus on the teenagers well-being, emotional resilience and confidence.

They are offered directly to the pupils as an interactive group session and/or to staff members as a mental health training,

The careful combination of psychotherapeutic skills and tailored coaching techniques will help you gain mind clarity and give you the strategies you need.

My workshops are exclusively bespoke and available upon request with fees starting from £195/pers or £800/group.

Family Quality Time

Parents Workshops

Parents whose child presents mental health issues often feel powerless, confused or overwhelmed even if their child undergoes therapy (for depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorder, adhd).

No parent can be expected to know how to deal with their child's mental health issues. Based on my professional experience, the best therapeutic outcome is reached when teenagers receive parental support adjusted to their child's current needs.

My workshops focus on your child's current challenges/diagnosis and empower you into supporting their recovery or progress as parents.

You will discover a different perspective of your child's experience, improve your understanding and communication.... Practical and easy to implement strategies and tools to help you support your child.

Adults Workshops

The reality is, despite our best efforts, life can become too overwhelming or confusing. 

  • Feeling like you need a break from an overwhelming, stressful or simply very busy life?

  • Wondering what has been holding you back from thriving authentically?

  • Finding some relationships difficult or unhealthy?

  • Going through a challenging phase of your life?

  • Curious about how your mind works?

Adults Day workshops focus on providing you with the understanding and tools to manage specific challenges ( anxiety, inner confidence, burn-out, relationships, ADHD traits, etc).


The Workshops are conveniently held in selected venues either in Guildford or Richmond and usually on the weekend so you don't need to take time off work. The space and comfort enables you to engage and make the most of your workshop.

  • Free 15 min phone consultation.

  • Psycho-education - knowledge is power!

  • Small - Limited to 6 - 20 attendees to offer the best experience.

  • Interactive workshops - you may participate and ask any questions.

  • Confidential - attendees only disclose their first names with the option to share relevant personal experiences.

  • Coffee/tea/snacks.

  • Complimentary delicious lunch (when included to keep you going during full day workshops)

Schools & Colleges Workshops

Being a teenager nowadays has become more complex and delicate than ever. Secondary schools, college and university can be a triggering or supportive environment for teenagers.


During my years of work with teenagers I often see a pattern of challenges our teens struggle to understand and manage often leading to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, unhealthy behaviours, bullying, self-harm, disordered eating etc .

Mental health and school work performance go hand in hand. Good mental health offers teenagers the mind space to enjoy being teenagers, focus at school, thrive socially, learn to overcome challenges and set goals for the future.

My workshops are tailored around my clients and their students' needs in their content and their delivery (relevant to their age group etc..).

My no non-sense, fun and concise approach means that I can make a positive and deep impact on your students in a relatively short amount of time (bearing in mind their average attention spam) with psycho-education, healthy coping strategies and any questions they may have about anything they are experiencing directly or indirectly.

The most requested and relevant topics are those presented by my teenager therapy clients:

  • Emotional Resilience and

  • Body Image & Low Self Esteem

  • Peer pressure & Healthy Relationships

  • Coping Skills for Dealing With Anger, Anxiety and Stress

  • Positive Thinking & Believing in Yourself

  • Confidence Building

  • Mental health Awareness and Signposting for Staff

I tailor the workshops' agenda and content to the school, staff and students needs and requirements which are usually discussed upon inquiring my services.

I share how our mind works and responds to various triggers (at home, at school, on line, etc), what makes us behave a certain way, how we can best manage and overcome difficult events whilst building self-confidence and emotional resilience.


Get in touch now to discuss how we can work together and what I can do to make a powerful impact to your school.

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